KG1 & KG2

At EGIS the Kindergarten programme consists of the KG 1 and KG 2 classes where students generally range in age from three and a half to five and a half years. Children are assessed initially for their school readiness, whether they are able to do self-care activities independently.  For many children this marks the first transition from home to school, outside of the family and to a new and exciting physical environment. The school’s primary goal is therefore to ensure that this adjustment is as successful as possible by encouraging the development of a secure and trusting relationship with new adults composed of teachers and Teaching Assistants, Bus monitors and their peers.

Early childhood years are distinctive from the Primary years in several ways and the rapid rate of developments that occur in the physical, social, emotional, intellectual and aesthetic domains are particularly significant. Although the progression usually occurs in recognisable and predictable directions, it is unique for each child, occurring at varying rates from child to child. We believe that a successful and happy start will secure a love for learning that will help them in the coming years.

Our school strongly contributes to the educational process; aiming at creating a well-rounded individual who is a lifelong learner, with critical thinking and creative skills. Fun is the biggest motivator for children and young people – this also applies when learning a language. For this reason, our learning strategies are designed so that kids are actively involved – through exciting role-playing activities, language games, varied exercises covering age-appropriate topics in English, Math and the understanding the world around them. Students also take Arabic language and letter formation.

NOTE: Some of the photos featured were taken before the pandemic. At EGIS, wearing of mask is required and social distancing is observed.

Teaching this age group is perhaps the most rewarding, as a teacher can sense the difference everyday. We care about the personal, social and emotional development of our children, it is amazing how children at this age can develop and acquire new skills quickly. 

Our KG staff have Bachelor degree qualifications from Egyptian universities with at least 2 years of teaching experience.  They undergo training and are encouraged to observe lessons in the International Section as part of their ongoing professional development.