EGIS has a growing alumni network since its establishment in 1998. Our graduates from EGIS take up places at top universities around the world. We welcome visits by former students. If you wish to visit the school, please email so that we can properly host you.

EGIS alumni is defined as:

  • Any student who attended EGIS for two years or more, even if he or she did not graduate from EGIS.
  • Any student that graduated from EGIS, even if he or she only attended 12th grade.
  • Parents of alumni (of graduates and/or students who attended at least two years)
  • Former Teaching staff & support staff who were employed at EGIS for five years or more

The School is seeking to launch a formal Alumni Association with a clear identity to do this and the goals of the Alumni Association would include:

    1. acting as a social network for former students of the School
    2. promoting the involvement of alumni in school events and activities
    3. supporting School projects including Mentoring and Career Counselling Programme.

The School wants to keep in contact with all alumni and would like all alumni to register their details by completing the form below. Data collected will be maintained in School and only used to keep you up to date about your School and information about any events for alumni. 

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Contact Information

EGIS is intending to provide a host of benefits and services to former students, graduates, parents of alumni, and former faculty/staff with the provision of a lifetime Alumni ID so please make sure your email address is up-to-date in our directory so you can hear about updates and any benefits and events that may be relevant to you!