Sara Kallas has attended EGIS since she was 3 and a half years old and graduated in 2020 after successfully finishing her 3 A Levels in Year 12 with straight As.  She is currently studying at the University of Toronto with a merit scholarship award worth over 180,000 CAD.

EGIS is proud of its diverse community of pupils, staff and parents supporting the school and its students in many ways. We seek to help our wider communities to which we have social and moral responsibilities. This happens through charitable giving and through the community activities we support. Community involvement in school life makes for a closer partnership in the realisation of our common aims.

We have approximately 650 students in the School, 240 in the International British Section and 410 in the National Language School Section.

Some join for just a short time as their parents take on short-term job assignments for two or three years. Most enter at the age of 3.6 and graduate from school fifteen years later. Our students come from various countries and cultural backgrounds. This diversity is a key quality of our students and being different is a quality we value.

Joining a new school is always going to be challenging. Our students are very good at welcoming new pupils; extending the hand of friendship is what they do really well. We ensure that new pupils are supported in their first weeks with the careful oversight of their Form/Class Tutor.