Preparatory 1 to 3

Preparatory Stage, a transition between Primary and Secondary Stages, is a very critical phase in a young teenager’s social and emotional development. A deeper understanding is required on the educator’s part in collaboration with the parents and the students themselves.

We promote engagement with peers, teachers through different competitions, team projects, and recreational/educational field trips. Participating in community service projects through gathering donations enhances their citizenship and cultural awareness. We take the well-being of our students to our heart and believe that it ensures smooth academic progress.

Our curriculum is the Egyptian Language School Curriculum, and we follow the framework that has been put by the Ministry of Education. At EGIS the curriculum is multidisciplinary, we teach our students English, Math, Science, Art, PE and Music amongst other subjects. Being a language school, we put a huge emphasis on English language to successfully accomplish our learning objectives. Arabic, History, Geography and Social Studies are taught using Arabic as a medium of instruction.

The Egyptian National Curriculum for language schools is a rich and broad curriculum which requires experienced, qualified teachers to deliver efficiently.  English and French high level instruction covers all aspects of the language including Literature; Drama, Novel and Poetry in depth. Students at this point, are expected to be fluent in foreign languages in addition to their own mother tongue. The differentiation between the three branches of General Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) is evident. Similarly, the Social Studies curriculum becomes more elaborate. Students at this phase start to identify their preferences and make plans for their future studies in Secondary Stage.  By the end of this stage, in Prep 3, students sit for ministerial exams which are set and marked externally.