Primary 1 to 6

For Primary 1 to Primary 6, we abide by the prescribed Ministry of Education books but with global educational concepts and international methodologies. We are keen on developing the English language skills through professional programmes and modern ways of teaching and learning. Our highly experienced Egyptian teachers are given the opportunity to attend similar professional development trainings as those in the International Section especially in relation to proven and researched-based teaching methodologies.

Besides the focused attention on the curriculum of the Ministry of Education, the school offers high level English using a six-level primary British English series that engages children in 21st century learning. Our curriculum has a special focus on active learning which inspires every one of our students to learn English.
Starting as early as Primary 1, we introduce our second foreign language instruction where students can choose either French or German, being mindful that in choosing German, students are required to sit for the German Language DSD certificate after 3rd Preparatory. Other core subjects are: English, Mathematics, Arabic, Religion, Computing, PE and Music. Co-curricular activities are part and parcel of our curriculum delivery.

By the beginning of Primary 4, our lower Primary core subjects are extended to include Social Studies which is obligatory and taught in Arabic, in addition to General Science which is delivered in English.
Students sit for exams scheduled and monitored by the Ministry of Education by the end of each term. Exams in Primary stage are internally set and marked, except for Primary 6 where exams are externally set by the Ministry but internally marked.

By the end of Primary Stage, a student is expected to have a sound knowledge of all major subjects and to have developed their reading, speaking, listening and writing skills of English, and either one of the 2 foreign languages offered. They are by then ready to move further to another milestone of their education.