Secondary 1 to 3 (“Thanawiya Amma”)

This final stage of school education runs from Secondary 1 through to Secondary 3. It is the phase where students consider their preferences and prerequisites for university entries.

During 1st Secondary, students study a wide range of subjects including: Arabic, English, Foreign language (German or French), Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, ICT, as well as, Geography, History, Philosophy, Religion and Civics.

At this stage, the German Language DSD exam is administered to students taking the German language. This is an international language qualification that is accepted in Germany, keeping in mind that we have had students who successfully applied and got admission to “studienkolleg” in Germany.
During Secondary 2 and 3, students study 3 obligatory subjects: Arabic, English and their Foreign Language of choice, while the rest of their subjects depend upon the selected section. They are required to choose between Maths or Science or Arts Section.

A student who prefers the ARTS SECTION will study History, Geography, Philosophy and Sociology.
For students who choose the SCIENCE SECTION, they will study Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geology.
Students who join the MATHS SECTION will cover Physics, Chemistry, Statics and Dynamics, Algebra, Solid Geometry, as well as Differentiation and Integration.
Religion and Civics are compulsory subjects for all but may not be added to the total.

NOTE: The current Minister of Education is in the process of implementing ongoing changes to upgrade the education practices in various age groups.