The fees outlined below are for the current academic year 202324 and are usually paid in 2 installments (September and December) starting from the second year of enrollment. EGIS fees may also be settled in installments from 6-12 months via ValU.

NOTE: the fees are expected to be paid in FULL before the beginning of the academic year only for NEW applicants in the first year of enrollment only.  

National Language School Section
Year Group Annual tuition fees in Egyptian Pounds
(As stamped by the Ministry of Education for 2023-2024)
KG 1 & KG 2
LE 20,471.15
Primary 1
LE 20,489.04
Primary 2 to Primary 6
LE 20,471.15
Preparatory 1 to Preparatory 3
LE 20,739.51
Secondary 1 to Secondary 3
LE 21,067.19
International British Section
Year Group Annual Tuition Fees in Egyptian Pounds
(As stamped/approved by the Ministry of Education for SY 2023-24)
FS1& FS2
LE 70,768.17
Year 1 to Year 6
LE 88,342.28
Year 7 to Year 9
LE 99,381.84
Year 10 & Year 11
LE 114,730.20
Year 12
LE 121104.09 (Y12 & 13 students are currently charged on a per subject basis, which comes to a much lower total than amount published, as an incentive to take AS and A Levels). 3 or above subjects require the full tuition fee.

IMPORTANT: The above-mentioned fees are the amounts approved for the school year 2023-24 and DO NOT INCLUDE mandatory activity fees set by the Ministry, cost of books or stationery, school bus, school uniform, registration, technology & exam fees.  For the next academic year 2024-25, the new fees are NOT stamped yet, usually with a nominal increase as mandated by the Ministry of Education.