Key Stage 2 at EGIS

Key Stage 2 at EGIS comprises of Year 3 till Year 6. Our British qualified teachers follow the National Curriculum for England in English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities (History and Geography) and PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education). Students starting Year 3 have an option to choose either German or French which are offered as Modern Foreign Language. Music, Art, ICT, and PE are taught by specialist teachers. National subjects such as Arabic and Religion are also offered to all students from Egypt and other Arabic-speaking countries, in addition to Social Studies starting from Y4. Arabic as a Foreign Language is taught to those holding foreign citizenship. 

Our enquiry led curriculum is designed to promote resilience, perseverance, and ownership of learning.  Building on the foundation laid in Key Stage 1, learning is a seamless and a consistent journey, further developed by giving students a wide range of opportunities designed to challenge, empower, and inspire students to believe in themselves and succeed in attaining their full potential.   Ample opportunities are provided for students to apply their growing knowledge across the curriculum. 

Lessons are skills and knowledge based, meeting the requirements of the British National Curriculum. Emphasis is placed on quality rather than quantity of learning.  Making use of questioning, reasoning and deduction, with teachers as facilitators, students are trained to be lifelong learners.  We have high expectations from our students and we also expect them to have a Growth-Mindset.  In keeping with the EL GOUNA values, students are exposed to true character-building in the classroom, as well as, in cross-curricular activities.

Teaching is differentiated to ensure that we live up to our motto “Success for everyone. Opportunity for all.”  Our teachers are all highly proficient in delivering the curriculum and actively take part in staff development programmes to keep abreast of developments and changes within the field.

We use regular assessments for both formative and summative learning.  They are standards based for international as well as national benchmarking.  This prepares students for entry to Key Stage 3 as they graduate to the Senior School.