Why we encourage EGIS students to study the German Language Diploma (DSD - Deutsches Sprachdiplom)

DSD-I is considered by the responsible German authorities to prove that a student has reached a level of ability in German which is required for entry to a Studienkolleg in preparation for attending a university in Germany.  DSD-I corresponds to Level B1 of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) which provides proof of German language proficiency required for admission to preparatory courses at “Studienkollegien” in Germany as well as, affords many advantages when applying to German and international companies.

EGIS is one of the very few schools in Egypt accredited to offer this language certification. The “German Language Certificate by the Kultusministerkonferenz” (DSD) is a language examination developed by the “Zentralstelle für Auslandschulwesen” (ZfA) in Germany.

DSD-1 examination is administered at EGIS for FREE without extra cost to our students in Year 9-10/Prep 3-1st Secondary in both the International British and National Language School sections.

Classes and Exam


At EGIS, language acquisition is facilitated in addition to work and exam strategies that are characteristic of a German learning environment: with problem-oriented discussion, self-motivated and project focused learning, competent and effective communication in German language acquisition. These skills are essential for studying at universities in Germany where tuition fees are practically for free at topnotch public universities and students pay only a nominal “semester contribution” that hardly exceeds 300 Euros.

Examination Parts:

Reading Comprehension, Listening Comprehension, Written Communication, Oral Communication

Reading Part 1

This section tests the candidates’ reading comprehension with different writings.

Listening Part 2

In this section, several recordings will test the listening comprehension. The listening section includes a dialogue, a monologue, and audio sequences.

Writing Part 3

Prove writing skills by tackling central questions and sample texts. This section has to be completed within a certain time frame.

Speaking Part 4

Deliver a monologue on given keywords and answer relevant questions. The second part consists of a monologue delivered on a chosen subject, followed by discussion of the presented subject.


Where to take the exam:

Examinations are administered at accredited DSD partner schools such as EGIS, and this privilege is afforded only for enrolled students.


Written components of the examinations are sent to be marked in Germany.

Levels of proficiency of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for Languages:

The student can understand and form basic sentences, express specific needs, ask and answer questions about personal details.

The student can communicate about simple and routine situations and exchange information on familiar matters.
The student can produce simple connected texts about familiar interest areas and give reasons and explanations for dreams, hopes, plans and opinions.
The student can understand complex texts about abstract topics and follow discussions in his or her field of specialisation; can express themselves fluently and spontaneously and give the advantages and disadvantages of various options.